Men’s Fast Pitch League

Interested in putting a team

We would like to get teams confirmed early this year so we have plenty of time to get a schedule set and start playing ball.

We will update deadlines and team entry fees soon.

Entry Fee’s: Approx. $750 due by April

Expected Start Date:  Middle of May

For more information please contact:

Nick McDonald

Tradition Since 1962

Fast Pitch Softball has been a tradition in Au Sable Forks since 1962.  Over the years we have had 100’s of volunteers who have spent endless amounts of hours ensuring a well maintained facility to host one of the greatest annual tournaments in the world.

The July Classic continues to attracted some of the best pitchers and hitters in the world.  Despite our towns small presents on the map, it is hard to find anyone involved in Men’s Fast Pitch, who has never at least heard of Au Sable Forks.

In the late 1990’s local player interest started to decline and despite many efforts we were no longer able find enough teams to field regular games.  However, among some the passion of Fast Pitch refused to die.  The committee remained strong and refused to let the collapse of league have any effect on the execution of the July Classic.  In 2007, a new generation of ball players came forward and re-established the local league.  Over the years the league has fluctuated anywhere between 5-8 teams.

With the continued support of all our sponsors and local fans, the Fast Pitch Committee remains dedicated to “Keeping Fast Pitch Alive” in the Forks.